Notice "Due to my grandsons health at this time. My focus is on him and finding solutions. " I am not available for filling orders or answering questions. I am providing you with information and formulas so you can make your own products. I will open up sales later, time unknown. Please search my site and you will hopefully find the information you need.

Thank you


Specializing in Oregon herbs, wildcrafting and handmade herbal products since 1991!

Welcome, we have a plethora of herbal products to offer you, nurturing your body to optimal health.
Made for our family and close friends. We have limited amounts to offer to you: tinctures, infused oils, capsules, creams, ointments, and skin care products.
Wild harvesting and growing plants with respect, natural as nature intended, chemical free.

Please read individual product descriptions carefully in case you have allergies or are taking synthetic medications, over the counter aids. We are not responsible for your use or miss use of our products. Our products are labeled clearly.

I am not a medical professional; I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. I bring you personal hands on experience and plant information. I continue my studies as an herbalist. I began in early 1980.

Information on this website given for educational and enlightenment purposes so any person, who chooses, can make a well-informed personal health care decision. It is my belief that it is an individuals responsibility to educate themselves and be responsible for their own health care decisions, not the responsibility of another. I only provide information. Please do your research and educate yourself.

Have a choice, be well informed and find what works best for you. Including, using a combination of both herbs (the original natural medicine) and allopathic medicine. One must be well informed. Not all herbs work the same for all people.
I always caution and say herbs are drugs, they are nature’s drugs, some can heal, and others will kill. This is very important!

We welcome you to sign up for an account with us, by doing so you will receive monthly sales and new products added. To receive our news or sales letter you will need to "enable subscribe". Enjoy browsing our pages!

The food and drug administration have not evaluated information on this website.
These products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Always consult a qualified health-care practitioner and knowledgeably Herbalist.
Prescription and over the counter drugs “do not” always mix with Herbal products.

Please go green, be earth friendly and recycle your containers!

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