Herb Tincture

You may be asking yourself what are tinctures or extracts? What does all this mean? Very simply tinctures are a way of extracting the plant properties and preserving them for later use. There are many methods.
Our herbal tinctures are made using 1:4 ratio, meaning 1 oz. by weight of freshly dried herb to 4 oz. liquid by volume. The liquid being a mix of pure palm derived vegetable glycerine 60 %, steam distilled water 20 % and pure grain alcohol 20 %. Our tinctures are a low level of alcohol. Alcohol extracts many needed plant property's that water and glycerine do not and add to the preservation of the product extending it's shelf life. The alcohol may be dissipated by putting the dose in a small amount of very hot water wait a bit and drink, not 100 % will be evaporated off but it will be lower.
Tinctures are generally taken internally, although you can use them in compresses applied to the skin.
Average suggested time to take herbal nurturing products is between 7 and 10 days, for maximum benefits. This would be in the case of colds, flu, stomach upset. Other dis-ease of our human body and how long we have been suffering from it will factor into how long we may need to use an herbal product. Some herbs we may need to use longer, we may begin to see results in as little as two weeks; for long term effects we may need to take them up to a year. Several plants may take up to six months to see results.
Each individual herb is different; all are labeled with the dose to be taken and all cautions or warnings are listed on the label and here on my website. To give you an idea of what size a bottle you will need I have listed these measurements as a reference.
Dosage and measurement; 1 ml. = one dropper full, 5 ml. = one teaspoon, six teaspoons = 1 oz.(30 ml.)
Example: Dose is 3-5 ml. 3x day. 2 oz.(60 ml.) bottle will last 4 to 6 days. 4 oz.(120 ml.) will last 8 to 13 days. 8 oz.(240 ml.) will last 16 to 26 days.
Individual product dose varies these are averages.
Best way to take tinctures is in about an ounce of water, drop the liquid in your water and drink.
Packaged in amber glass bottles for product protection and added shelf life, convenient sizes 2oz. with dropper, 4 oz. with dropper and 8 oz. with cap.
The food and drug administration has not evaluated information on these products.
These products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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